There is only one licensed dermal filler brand on the market that combines the powerful properties of purified cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and Lidocaine and its name is Stylage. Developed by France-based pharmaceutical company Laboratories VIVACY and distributed by Skin Heal, it consists of three separate product ranges which can provide patients with a comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment by correcting shallow, medium and severe lines and wrinkles, hydrating the skin or delivering a fast and painless volume loss restoration or facial remodeling and sculpting.

Stylage features truly unique filler injection products in its line. They contain an advanced type of monophasic cross-linked HA that was produced through VIVACY’s trademark IPN-Like Technology. Because of that, these exceptional gels have an incredible viscosity and an impressively high biological compatibility compared to that offered by alternative products in that same market field. That is why patients get to enjoy more durable results after every injection procedure. The trusted skin fillers by this brand were also specially tailored to be injected into the dermis’ various layers. As a result, qualified medical clinicians can use them to provide their patients with a highly personalized anti-aging treatment by opting for a product that has a carefully optimized viscosity and elasticity.

There are four innovative HA-based filler ranges by Stylage – Classic, Volumizing, Special and Mesotherapy. The Classic range is made up of Stylage S, M, and L and it focuses on offering effective wrinkle removal. It can quickly improve the appearance of superficial, middle or deep lines and folds including of those that are particularly tricky to treat such as wrinkles around the eyes. It offers natural-looking results and has the power to eliminate marionette lines, crow’s feet, perioral lines, nasolabial folds, chin wrinkles and more. The superb cosmetic rejuvenation solutions from this range also have a fantastic lifting effect which makes them an excellent option for the correction of hollow temples, the reshaping of earlobes and the reduction of nasal humps.

The Volumizing range by this brand includes Stylage XL and XXL – two new-generation soft-tissue fillers that were designed specifically for minimally invasive facial sculpting and the restoration of lost volume. As the name of this product range suggests, they have an outstanding volumizing effect which is why they can achieve excellent results when it comes to the augmentation of cheekbones and cheeks, jawline and facial contouring, etc.

The Special range features Stylage Special Lips – a highly effective dermal filler that offers immediate and long-lasting lip enhancement and contouring results. It can be injected in the upper and/or the lower lips to provide them with some extra plumpness or it can even be used to safely smoothen wrinkles and lines around the mouth (smoking lines).

The Mesotherapy range by Stylage consists of Stylage Hydro and HydroMax both of which have amazing skin hydration and biorevitalization properties. They can be injected in areas such as the back of the hands, the face, neck and decollete.

The antioxidants used in the formula of the groundbreaking skin rejuvenation injections by this recognized brand are Mannitol and Sorbitol which enhance the hydrating properties of HA and prolong the longevity of the treatment’s effects.

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