With more than 20 years of experience on the market, Restylane has managed to become a true pioneer in the field of professional-grade dermal fillers and HA injectable gels. Its impressive and highly versatile range of products addresses a wide spectrum of aesthetic problems and successfully corrects different signs of aging in a painless and hassle-free manner. This is a new-generation skin rejuvenation brand that heavily relies on the latest innovations in the beauty industry to deliver patients and board-certified cosmetic surgeons with some of the best and most effective skin fillers in existence today. Skin Heal is properly licensed to distribute them to customers all over the world.

Restylane is а brand by Q-Med, a Swedish-based manufacturer of top-range injectable implants and medical devices that was founded back in 1987. The company launched its first revolutionary Restylane products over two decades ago and even then it quickly earned recognition for its advanced production techniques. What is more, it became the very first FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid filler developed exclusively to provide patients with a fast cosmetic rejuvenation treatment. Even in its early days, the brand used HA of a non-animal origin that was derived through a complex process called biofermantation. Because of that, an anti-aging therapy involving the application of any of the company’s exceptional HA-based fillers is not characterized by long-term or dangerous side effects. In fact, the most common adverse reactions associated with this type of products is usually a direct result of the injection procedure rather than the injectable gel. Therefore, side effects are rather rare and feature only short-term swelling, itching, tenderness, bruising and redness. In the case of overfilling, the treatment can be easily reversed without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

Skin Heal offers the entire range of Restylane’s powerful HA soft-tissue fillers. Most of them now feature Lidocaine which reduces unpleasant sensations during the injection sessions such as pain and discomfort. The brand has developed several different product sub-ranges to meet all the needs of its customers. Restylane’s Restore range features Volyme (previously known as Emervel Volyme) and Refyne (Emervel Classic). Restylane Volume fillers aim at quickly restoring or increasing facial volume, particularly in areas such as the cheekbone, chin and the temple. In that way, it delivers a long-lasting lifting effect. The products from this class offer excellent results when it comes to cheek enhancement, chin augmentation, and hollow temple correction. The company’s Volyme injectables provide instant wrinkle and line removal (marionette lines, laugh lines, nasolabial folds, etc.)

The Restylane Enhance range features Defyne, Kysse, and Lyft and aims at enhancing and balancing various facial features through natural-looking lip contouring and enhancement, facial sculpting and augmentation of nose, jawline, cheeks and chin. The Skinboosters lineup of the brand does not only correct wrinkles, but it also uses the properties of HA to moisturize the skin and to provide it with a natural, healthy glow.

Restylane’s groundbreaking dermal fillers were developed through the use of modern technologies such as its trademark XpresHAn Technology which preserves the patient’s natural expressions, NASHA Technology which ensures that every different HA gel has a custom-tailored texture and particle size, as well as OBT (Optimal Balance Technology) that guarantees an even gel distribution and natural-looking results.

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