Rejeunesse can be called a newcomer on the market of professional-grade HA fillers. It was launched not so long ago – in 2015. That certainly does not sound impressive or promising given that many of the best and most reliable products in this field have been around since the 1990s. Still, this South Korea-based brand managed to score half a million of exports during the first 12 months after its official release. Today, its sales are even more impressive as has received the formal approval of South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and it is now being sold in more than 50 different countries in every part of the globe. As a client-centered and trustworthy distributor of premium-quality skin rejuvenation products, Skin Heal has also added Rejeunesse to its catalog.

Rejeunesse was designed and produced by Medi N Research – a highly reputable pharmaceutical company. Each of the effective skin fillers by this brand target a specific set of problems. That is why they have all been tailored to be administered into a certain layer of the skin (e.g. superficial, medium, deep, subcutaneous, etc.). As a result, board-certified plastic surgeons can count on these revolutionary cosmetic rejuvenation products to deliver their patients with an all-around anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment. From considerably improving the skin’s tone and quickly rehydrating the dermis to adding more volume to the lips and visibly correcting scars and wrinkles – Rejeunesse’s fantastic selection of advanced HA-based medical devices are like a universal shortcut to natural-looking rejuvenation.

No matter which of Rejeunesse’s innovative dermal fillers you choose to get via Skin Heal you are guaranteed to enjoy 5 great benefits or namely a treatment that is safe, effective, pain-free, longer-lasting and more than satisfactory. Safe because the Hyaluronic Acid which these products contain is of a non-animal origin and is perfectly purified as it has undergone a double-sterilization. Effective because results are instant and the achieved volume is remarkably stable. Pain-free because every pack of these affordable skin fillers has been infused with 3% of Lidocaine – a substance that acts as a local anesthetic and protects patients from feeling any discomfort or pain during the injection procedure. Longer-lasting because the HA in its composition is cross-linked through a brand-new technology known as HCCL or High Concentration of Cross-Linking that prevents the gel from migrating and retains the treatment’s results. Patients enjoy guaranteed treatment satisfaction and the freedom to choose from the brand’s wide selection of trademark products.

The duration of the natural-looking skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle effects achieved with the help of Rejeunesse’s top-performing soft-tissue fillers ranges from 6 months (for Rejeunesse Sparkle) to up to 18 months (for Rejeunesse Shape and Rejeunesse Deep). Treatment areas also vary and include the periorbital and perioral zones, cheeks, chin, lips, and more. Thanks to the superb quality of the Hyaluronic Acid used in these products, the skin is naturally and deeply hydrated which greatly improves its elasticity and effectively corrects different signs of aging.

Skin Heal is the best place from you can order inexpensive dermal fillers from the Rejeunesse brand. We offer only original products.

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