Fine, moderate, deep or severe wrinkles and folds, lip augmentation, correction of scars and depressions, overall skin rejuvenation… Princess’ effective soft-tissue fillers can take on any challenge that stands on your way to a more youthful and radiant complexion. Skin Heal is the best and most trustworthy distributor of these Austrian-made anti-aging products. Order them via our online store to score a bargain deal.

The company behind the impressive properties and remarkable effects’ longevity of these high-performance dermal fillers is Croma-Pharma GmbH. It is based in the Austrian town of Leobendorf which set just 25 km outside of Vienna. Its area of expertise is the production and development of Hyaluronic Acid-based cosmetic products and HA syringes. Since the company relies on a heavily automated manufacturing process and is known for being very meticulous when choosing the materials for its products, it should come as no surprise that it is responsible for the top-notch HA filler range Princess. All products by this brand are produced with a so-called SMART or Supreme Monophasic and Reticular Technology which contributes to a higher level of cross-linking. As a result, the innovative skin rejuvenation products from this brand are longer-lasting than many of their rivals. Although the duration of the results achieved after such an anti-wrinkle treatment tend to depend on numerous factors (injection technique, patient’s metabolism, lifestyle, genetics, etc.), with some of the products featured in this lineup (e.g. Princess Volume), the effects last for 8-12 months after only one injection session.

Qualified plastic surgeons rely on Princess’ dependable soft-tissue fillers to improve the appearance of moderate and severe wrinkles and folds (laugh lines, forehead furrows, lines around the mouth and more). Princess Filler acts like a volumizing injection which can also be used to deliver natural-looking lip contouring. Similar is the case with Princess Volume but because of its greater level of cross-linking, it can be safely injected into the deep layers of the dermis to provide instant lip augmentation, cheek and chin enhancement, and scar removal.

Without a doubt, however, Princess Rich is easily the most interesting product from this brand’s outstanding range. It is a new-generation HA filler which can also be applied for a mesotherapy technique. In other words, it has a two-in-one action. On one hand, it quickly smoothens fine lines (smoking lines and crow’s feet). On the other hand, it makes the skin smoother, more radiant, refreshed and rejuvenated. These unique properties of that product can be attributed to Croma-Pharma GmbH’s one-of-a-kind Advanced Rejuvenation Technology (ART) which combines the powers of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerol which effectively fights off the formation of free radicals, allowing the injected HA to deliver the skin with a long-lasting moisturization. The result – this pioneering anti-wrinkle filler is several times more successful at maintaining the dermis’ hydrobalance compared to the majority of mesotherapy products available for purchase today.

With a patient satisfaction rate of 93%, premium-quality materials and ingredients, the safe filler injections by Princess are among the top-sellers on Skin Heal’s online store.

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