Plasma Fresh

Plasma Fresh is a US brand of high-quality PRP kits for PRP therapy. Its certified medical devices are known for their premium materials, incredible safety, and their unique design which makes them very easy to use. These are innovative products that take medical and aesthetic treatments with Platelet-Rich Plasma to an entirely new level which is why Skin Heal is among the leading online retailers and wholesale distributors that sells them all over the globe. The difference is that with us, the price of these new-gen solutions is always budget-friendly and fair.

PRP therapies may have just started to gain momentum but they have been originally developed back in the 1970s. Over the years, experienced medical clinicians and researchers managed to discover that it can be successfully applied in a long list of medical fields – from orthopedics and neurology to cosmetic rejuvenation and hair restoration. Plasma Fresh offers Class II medical devices that can be used by qualified professionals working in any of these (and more) spheres of medicine. That makes them very universal and multifunctional.

The patient-friendly PRP kits by Plasma Fresh also serve an all-around purpose. They can be used during nearly every phase of this form of innovative treatment. That is because these products feature a thin butterfly needle, a durable medical glass tube, an anticoagulant (Sodium Citrate) and Thixotropic gel. Therefore, vetted medial clinicians can rely on these German-made medical devices to extract blood from the patient’s vein in a pain-free and time-efficient fashion. The tube featured in these kits is sturdy and can be safely placed inside the centrifugation machine that separates the plasma with high platelet concentration from the other building components of the collected blood. Finally, the patient can be injected again with the help of this advanced product. As for the Thixotropic gel and the anticoagulant, they play a key role in improving the extraction process’ results. The former can quickly separate the PRP from the cells and the latter prevents them from clumping. In that way, the healing properties of platelet-rich plasma are further increased and the PRP treatment delivers more effective results by improving soft-tissue repair properties and boosting the regeneration of cells around the injection sites. The needle featured with every Plasma Fresh kit is very thin (23G) and it does not lead to scarring. Also, it minimizes pain and discomfort during the extraction and re-injection phases of the treatment.

No matter whether you want to purchase these professional PRP kits to use them for risk-free skin rejuvenation, dental surgery procedures, pain management, etc., this option is available at a super low price from Skin Heal online store. The best thing about them is that any treatment involving their use can be easily combined with other anti-aging therapies (laser or peeling). All autologous treatments carried out with this brand’s trusted medical devices hide no risk for the patient and are very speedy to complete. Plasma Fresh’s helpful PRP kits can be used on people of nearly any age – this is how safe and multifunctional they are.

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