Desirial is a unique HA filler gel that was specifically developed to improve the intimate health of women. Just like most professional-grade filler products, this one can also be used to deliver patients with long-lasting anti-aging and augmentation effects. However, instead of offering facial rejuvenation, it focuses only on vaginal rejuvenation. That makes this brand a true pioneer and a market leader. Given the excellent, raving reviews that the products from this range get, it is clear that patients and medical clinicians are more than happy with its qualities, properties, and powers. Skin Heal is one of the most trusted distributors of Desirial, so not hesitate to make your orders here.

It can be hard to describe the products from the Desirial range because they are not your typical robust dermal fillers. While they do contain stabilized and purified Hyaluronic Acid (HA), they also feature an important additional ingredient – Mannitol. This is a vital antioxidant that prolongs the effects of the treatment by slowing down the rate with which HA dissolves.

Another thing that makes this brand stand out is the fact that it is not focused on cosmetic rejuvenation. Instead, it was developed to serve as a time-efficient, pain-free and minimally invasive treatment option in medical fields such as intimate plastic surgery and gynecology. It specifically targets women who have given birth at some point in their life and those who are perimenopausal or menopausal. The effects after an injection therapy with Desirial-branded products include swift vulvo-vaginal rehydration and painless labia majora remodeling. Therefore, they can be used for purely aesthetic reasons or for medical purposes.

The innovative antioxidant HA-based gels by Desirial are designed and manufactured in France by Laboratories VIVACY through a one-of-a-kind IPN-Like Technology. The latter ensures longer-lasting and more risk-free treatment results by including two separate networks of HA monophasic cross-linked structures. This revolutionary production technique has been used by VIVACY since 2007 and it plays a major role in the popularity and efficacy of many of the company’s other reliable Hyaluronic Acid filler injectables (such as Stylage, for instance). It is also because of this technology that treatment results can be felt and seen almost instantly and they last for a minimum of 6 months. In most cases, however, patients report an effects longevity of 1-2 years. It is also estimated that 93% of those who have undergone therapy with Desirial Plus, have noticed that their quality of life improved 12 months after the initial injection sessions. The satisfaction rate among women who have used Desirial is even more impressive – 94% after just 6 months.

Desirial offers Class III Medical Devices that have all the proper quality and safety markings and which were manufactured in a 100% compliance with international rules and regulations. Any anti-aging and augmentation vulvo-vaginal treatment that involves the application of products by this brand is safe as side effects are rare and because VIVACY has made sure that it completely controls absolutely every stage of the manufacturing process.

Since Skin Heal always keeps a finger on the latest innovations in the world of aesthetic medicine, we are among the few registered online retailers who distribute original and effective HA-based products by Desirial.

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